Regularly-scheduled Communication Workshops



Use Words 

  • Practical, real-life strategies for communicating more clearly and confidently
  • The art of apologizing (and why it matters)
  • How to identify and avoid passive-aggressive behavior
  • Learning to name your feelings and ask for what you need


How To Do Conflict Well 

  • Reframing conflict as a positive, healthy aspect of any relationship
  • Learning how to bypass defensiveness in yourself and others
  • How to engage in and resolve difficult conversations with kindness and respect
  • 30+ useful tips and tools you can put into practice immediately



  • Defining boundaries: what are they and why are they important
  • What happens when we fail in setting boundaries
  • Examining your own struggles to establish and maintain boundaries
  • Strategies for change


Personality Types 101 

  • Introduction to Myers-Briggs Personality Type and Jungian temperament theory
  • Basic understanding of cognitive functions
  • How to type yourself and others accurately, why it’s useful, and its limitations
  • General overview of all 16 types and their frequency


Other Classes/Workshops:


MBTI classes


INFJ: How to make yourself known


INFP: How to be happier & healthier


Online Dating


  • Perils, pitfalls, and advantages of online dating
  • Cooperatively craft the perfect profile (including photos)
  • Strategize how to attract the kind of people you’d actually want to meet
  • Discuss safe/healthy ways to interact virtually


Fine print: All classes are held at our office in Webster Groves. Prices vary, but full payment is required for registration. No refunds are offered once registration is complete, but class registration is always transferrable to another person, date, or class. Email me for with questions about any of these classes, or see my blog or Facebook page for updated class schedule.

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

— Aldous Huxley