Services & Fees



Distance Coaching: $75 for 45 minutes


These sessions are for people who do not live in the St Louis area. Calls are slightly shorter and less costly than standard in-person sessions, but will not be subject to sliding fee scale. They also will not be called “therapy” because I cannot adequately attend to your mental health needs from a distance; if you need what would traditionally be considered “therapy” for a mood disorder or other issue, please understand that I will not be a good fit for you to meet those needs. What I can help you with via telephone are everyday problems and what we might call “existential crises”. I can also do ongoing coaching, but I wanted to add and encourage the option of just being that random long-distance friendly voice you call when you need some advice. I can also do a consult on personality types, communication, or relationships. Please email me at with questions or to schedule a conversation.