I believe the following things to be true:


  1. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender is neither a choice nor a disorder.
  2. Human sexuality is fluid, and it is normal for sexual/affectional preference to change many times over the lifespan.
  3. It is also normal for sexual orientation to remain static over the lifespan.
  4. Human sexuality exists on a continuum, and it is normal to be at any place on the spectrum at any time.
  5. Sexual behavior is not always synonymous with sexual orientation or self-identity.
  6. Questioning one’s sexuality at any point in life is normal.
  7. Some people’s gender identity is non-binary, which means it does not neatly fit into cultural expectations of “masculine” or “feminine.”
  8. Sexual behavior among consenting adults is not a moral issue.
  9. Being disinterested in sex, identifying as asexual or aromantic, whether periodically or across a lifespan, is on the spectrum of normal.
  10. People have the right to self-identify and to have their identity be respected by their mental health provider.