MBTI classes


Beginning October 2017, I will offer a group class in my office the first Saturday of every month where we will combine the Personality Types 101 class with taking the official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment.


For this class, you’ll take the assessment online prior to class, but will receive results in the class. No prior experience with MBTI is necessary; you actually don’t even have to know what it is! I will provide you with everything you need.


We will go through the Personality Types 101 curriculum as we learn about the dichotomies and type dynamics (e.g., cognitive stack, mental functions, etc). You’ll get your report back, and have a chance to verify your results. This is all considered Step I.


If you want more after the class, you’re welcome to schedule an individual follow-up session to go deeper into results and/or purchase more robust feedback reports.


There is also another class available periodically (and you won’t have to retake the assessment) to go deeper with understanding your unique expression of your best-fit type, called Step II.


The cost of the Step I + Personality Types 101 group class is $145, which includes 2 hours, the assessment, your basic (Form M) feedback report, a copy of the “Introduction To Type” book, and a workbook.


For the Step II class, we will be focusing on the “facets” of each preference dichotomy, verifying your results, and digging into how and why we may behave in ways typically “out of preference” for our types. It’s $175, which covers the 2 hour class, the MBTI® (Form Q) assessment, a 17-page interpretive feedback report, and the Step II guidebook. Email me for upcoming dates.