Services & Fees



Personality Type Consultation: $75 for 45 minutes


Perhaps you have read my blogs and appreciated the insight provided by the posts about each of the iNtuitive Feeler types. It’s true that most of my clients are NF types, but I do “get” the other types too. While I am not a certified MBTI administrator (for a variety of reasons I’d be happy to explain) I have a good working knowledge of how personality types impact our communication styles, our relationship patterns, and how each of the 16 archetypes interacts with the world around them.


This session is offered as a way to specifically dig into the particulars of your type (whether just for you or in relationship to others in your life). Perhaps you are wondering how you can interact and communicate better with your partner or family based on your personality types, or whether you’re showing up authentically as your true type. This is a fully personalized session based on whatever information you would like to receive.


While it would be helpful to know your true Myers-Briggs type prior to the session, I can help you determine whether you’ve been typed properly if you’ve taken it before. (I will say as a caveat that a pretty significant number of people who have taken the official MBTI at work are inaccurately typed). But if you haven’t, there are several free online versions of the test you can take, as well. Personally, I don’t think test results are the most accurate tool, but they are helpful. Email me with any questions or to schedule one of these sessions. This session can be over the phone or in person.