Services & Fees



Regular counseling/coaching for individuals or couples: $100

(*See list of specific areas of expertise for traditional therapy.)


My standard rate is $100 for individuals or couples. Couples sometimes prefer to double the time for their first session, which is 2x the standard rate.


However, if that amount is truly prohibitive, I do hold a handful of slots aside for reduced fee clients (and I don’t need to see your tax forms to “prove” how much you can pay.) Just email me and ask about reduced rates and we can work it out.


Please note: For myriad reasons, I do not take any insurance and I do not give diagnoses. So if you have chronic mental health issues that require interfacing with other medical providers regarding your DSM 5 diagnoses and/or medication compliance, I am not the right provider for you.


Also- before deciding counseling is too expensive to not make use of your health insurance, please note that if you have a high deductible, you’ll likely be paying out of pocket at any provider’s full rate until you meet it. Additionally, because I do solution-focused counseling, your treatment isn’t going to last forever, so the extra expense in the short-term can be contextualized as an investment in your long-term happiness.