“Talk It Out” Coaching


Relationships of all sorts become complicated at times. It’s just how we humans operate. But, because so many people sincerely struggle to navigate interpersonal conflict of all sorts, things can oftentimes get very messy (unnecessarily so) as a result of our lack of skills. I can help.

Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes and ears on a problem to help you reach resolution.


I am uniquely qualified to offer this service, given that I can

  1. almost always see both sides of an argument and
  2. b) quickly and accurately name the complex emotions behind seemingly intractable interpersonal issues.


Please note that anyone can take advantage of this service, including people I know socially, as it does not constitute “therapy”.


Who it’s for:

  • friends
  • colleagues
  • boss/employee
  • family members
  • bandmates
  • roommates


What it is:

A 1-2 hour session in my office where each of you has an opportunity to be heard. You will both receive assistance in stating your case clearly and concisely, and then we’ll work together collaboratively to reach a win/win resolution.


(A follow up session may be warranted, but the reasonable expectation is that some resolution can be reached within the allotted timeframe.)


$100/hour in my office; rate differs if I come to your office/workplace.