“The company I work for hired Miller Counseling & Consulting to help improve our methods of communication and strengthen our team. We were struggling with misunderstandings due to different communication styles, ineffective leadership and passive aggressive behavior throughout the group.


Amy met with our entire team in a group setting, had us do homework to prepare for our sessions and gave us real life examples of how to more effectively communicate with each other. Her insight into our relationships was uncanny. She gave us the language to talk about ourselves – without making us feel like we were just talking about ourselves. The conversation she started with us has not stopped.

If your business or group would like to improve communication – leadership – teamwork – conflict resolution – just meet with Amy. She was a good investment for our company.”



“My wife is in therapy on a consistent basis.  I join in on occasions where it’s more productive for us both to be present.  The work that Amy and my wife put in together is always positive and an important part of our marriage.  One of the things I love about going is that she is really in tune with the both of us.  Amy knows what I need and HOW to interact with me to get optimal results.  By the same token she knows how to speak to my wife differently in the same session to achieve the best results for the both of us.  We are always very pleased.”



“Who knew communication was so important?  I jest, but seeing amy for monthly couples counseling has been an integral component to sustaining or relationship.  My partner and I have opposing default communication strategies. She works with us to fight fairly, say what we actually mean, and attempt to check out each other’s perspective.”



“Amy is the best! Her passion and love for helping others discover their authentic self is remarkable. I’ve taken both “Boundaries” and “Use your words”; both classes were amazing and gave me tools to put into practice immediately. The biggest thing I noticed though was how comfortable she made the entire room feel. The tone was conversational and the feeling in the air was warm. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and learned a ton.”