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Hi! Welcome to Miller Counseling. I have an important announcement. As of May 1, 2021, I am transitioning to a coaching practice called Roots & Keys Coaching. I am no longer accepting new clients for therapy. But wait! Don’t go yet.

Here are some options:

If you are a potential new client, thank you for stopping by! My practice structure has changed slightly, although my practice style has not. Let’s see if I might still be a fit for you. Keep reading…

If you are a potential new client and you feel: stuck, unhappy, uninspired, disconnected, misaligned, inauthentic, as if you don’t belong, in the wrong job or relationship, or just need help to get your life together, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Click here to visit my new website www.rootsandkeyscoaching.com and see if working with me still feels right for you. It is possible you came here thinking you need a therapist, but what you may really want is a coach! Especially true if what you were initially attracted to was my solution focus and no bullshit approach. That’s 100% me regardless of the hat I’m wearing. (Turns out, this coach hat fits me better anyway!) 

However, if you are a potential new client and you have an active mental health issue that needs attention (e.g., a mood disorder like depression or bipolar disorder), have any suicidal ideation, or you need a provider to work through a lot of unresolved trauma from your past, I am not the right provider for you at this time. For right now, you would probably benefit most from seeing a clinical social worker or counselor. I have a list of recommended St Louis therapists I can offer you. Email me at amy@rootsandkeyscoaching.com and I’m happy to share that list with you. Please note that once your immediate mental health issues feel manageable, please circle back and consider doing coaching with me in the future if you were drawn to me. I’ll be at www.rootsandkeyscoaching.com

If you are a current therapy client (meaning I have seen you at least once in 2021) and want to schedule a therapy appointment, please use the calendar link you already have. Nothing about your services will change in the near future. You can contact me in all the same ways you were before. The only thing changing for you is you’ll come to a new office with Roots & Keys Coaching signage for in-person sessions. If you prefer virtual, we’ll stay virtual exactly the same.

If you were a client in the past and wish to return, but have not seen me in a long time, you will need to be screened for next steps, either transitioning to a coaching client OR being referred to another provider for therapy. (Most of you would be completely appropriate for coaching!) See the info above and screen yourself pretending you’re a new client. If you want my therapy referral list, email me. If you already like how I do things and think that is what you need, proceed to schedule yourself here: www.calendly.com/rootsandkeyscoaching

You may also follow me on FB & IG @rootsandkeyscoaching

Thank you everyone! Can’t wait to see you!