What to expect

What to expect:

Okay, now that you’re ready to schedule your appointment, here’s what you need to know! I know coming to therapy for the first time can cause anxiety for many people, so I will explain here exactly what you can expect in the hopes that anxiety will be minimized.

Where to go:

My office is in Kirkwood at 412 S. Clay Ave, rear, lower level. However, as of February 2021, my practice remains fully virtual. I’ll let everyone know when in-person sessions become an option again. Most likely April or May.

What to do:

For virtual sessions, you will receive a link for scheduling from me once we make contact and establish that you’d like to see me. Email or text me to receive this link. It’s on Calendly, an integrated platform where you’ll do all the things. First, decide what length of time you’d like, then you’ll find a time that works for you, fill in some info, and pay in advance to hold the time.

Upon scheduling, you will automatically receive a link for the Zoom session to the email address you used. PLEASE ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CAREFULLY. You can set it up to receive reminder texts as well. I’ll email some brief paperwork to the email address provided.

Side note: I am coded as a medical provider with Stripe billing and I do take HSA cards. If it won’t go through on the calendar app for some reason, message me and we’ll put the charge through manually.

Day of session:

Make sure you have confidence in your ability to link to Zoom. Most of us are using Zoom a lot already but if you’re not, you may want to download the app to your phone or computer in advance and play around with it so you feel comfortable. I don’t want you to feel stressed at the time of your appointment because of the technology! It’s pretty straightforward and simple, though.

Go somewhere where you have a strong internet connection, because nothing is more frustrating than a bad connection during therapy. Sit close to your router if you can or turn on your hotspot. If we get on the session and it’s not working well, we will improvise and either use FaceTime or regular phone call.

Please be on time for your appointment if you’re able. If you’re going to be late, please let me know via text and we can make adjustments if possible. I’ll stay on until 15 minutes past the scheduled time. If no arrangements have been made, and you are late but you do show up, please note that we will still end at the scheduled time. I almost always start and end on time, although occasionally I may run over a few minutes. I usually set a timer to try and keep on schedule and to avoid having to eye the clock.

Get comfortable. Find a place to sit that’s relaxing and private. Feel free to eat or drink during sessions, I don’t care, and honestly I usually have snacks myself! Do whatever you need to do to be present and feel safe and comfortable.

When you schedule again:

Everyone’s situation differs, so there are no rules about how often you “have” to come to counseling. The general rule of thumb is that weekly sessions are most beneficial when starting out. If you can’t afford that or don’t have the time, it’s okay; we will do whatever works best for you. You can put yourself on my calendar as often or infrequently as you’d like. A lot of people use me like a chiropractor, just “as needed,” whereas others like to have a regular weekly or biweekly session. It’s your call!

Cancellation policy:

When you schedule an appointment, please understand that time is being reserved for you. If you need to change or cancel an appointment, that is totally fine; just make sure you give me 24 hours notice. You can reschedule or cancel yourself anytime on the Calendly app. (If you outright cancel, just reach out to me and let me know because I’ll have to manually process the refund.) Please note again: you must give 24 hours notice for rescheduling, or your appointment will be canceled and youll have to rebook.

Very rarely I may have to reschedule your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, in which case I will do my best to accommodate you in rescheduling.

How to contact me:

I am easily accessible most of the time via email at amy@millercounseling.org or text 314.502.9275, and will generally respond within a few hours, if not right away. I typically don’t answer my phone, so calling is not recommended.

Please note that I cannot be available 24 hours, so please call 911 in the case of an emergency.

*Anytime we correspond via email, please understand that unless it states otherwise, email is not encrypted. As for texts, I don’t save client names or phone numbers in my Google voice texting app, but I would still use caution when describing sensitive issues via email or text.