• Have you ever met someone and immediately felt a connection to them, or perceived that they were similar to you in some specific way?
  • Are there people in your life you communicate effortlessly with, and yet with other people it feels like you’re practically speaking different languages?
  • Have you ever felt like an alien on earth, like you don’t belong and no one understands you?
  • Are you someone who enjoys self-reflection and exploring your own behavior and actions, and/or gaining deeper understanding of other people?
  • Have you heard about “Personality Types” before and maybe even taken a free online test, but while it seems interesting, you don’t really get what they are or why it’s useful?
  • Have you ever done an official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment at work, but thought the results were not very accurate or helpful?
  • Have you always wanted to take a “real” MBTI® test?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® can help with all of this, and working interactively with a certified MBTI® administrator is -objectively- the best way to figure out your type and what to do with it once you know it. Even if you’re skeptical as a result of having been mistyped in the past, (or because that’s just how you are) I am confident I can help you find your best-fit type.

More importantly, I can help you put it to use in your life in practical ways. The best thing about MBTI is that it clarifies how important it is to have representation from all the types, and it provides us with blueprints or shortcuts for getting along better and being more appreciative of other people. It’s important to know also that every type has strengths and weaknesses, and there are no types that are “better” or “worse” to be.