Regular Counseling


(*See list of specific areas of expertise.)

My rate is $110 for a standard 50-minute session, regardless of whether it’s with an individual or couple. 

Other options you will see on the Calendly app:

30 minute= $65

Full hour = $125

90 minute = $175

Just pick whatever feels best. Note: you must reside in MO or IL to use the 50 minute standard therapy option. Outside of those state must choose a coaching appointment, either 30 or 60 minutes. 

Please note the following additional information:

  • Unlike some providers, I don’t charge extra for couples. I figure it’s the same amount of time and energy from me.
  • For couples, however, I do recommend a longer session for your initial one if you’re able to swing it. It’s up to you, but I’d just invite you to consider whether 50 minutes is likely to allow you both say what you need to say initially.
  • I’ve done a market survey and my rate is typical for my years of practice. That said, if my rate is truly prohibitive for you, I totally understand and I do hold a handful of slots aside for reduced fee clients. Just email me and ask about reduced rate sessions and I can let you know what I have open.
  • I cannot slide for sessions longer than 50 minutes. Those rates are fixed.
  • For myriad reasons, I do not take any insurance and I do not give diagnoses. What this means: if you have chronic mental health issues that require interfacing with other medical providers regarding your DSM 5 diagnoses and/or medication compliance, I am not the right provider for you.
  • I know the cost of getting help can be daunting. But before deciding counseling is too expensive to not make use of your health insurance, check with your specific plan. If you have a high deductible, you’ll likely be paying out of pocket at any provider’s full contracted rate until you meet it.
  • Because I do solution-focused counseling, your treatment (presumably) isn’t going to last forever, so perhaps the extra expense in the short-term can be contextualized as an investment in your long-term happiness.
  • That said, I understand if you’d prefer to use your insurance. If you find someone who takes it but you find it’s not a great fit, I’ll still be here and we can try later! Always feel free to ask about my reduced fees if your gut tells you we’re a good fit but your pocketbook begs to differ.