Women’s issues

Women’s issues

As girls and women, we receive damaging and counterintuitive messaging about who we are allowed to be, what we are supposed to look like, what our value is. However, the cultural mores are shifting rapidly, and as they do, more women are rejecting traditional limitations and embracing fuller, freer versions of themselves. Many women are looking at work with counselors and coaches as essential forms of self-care.

I love to work with women who are coming into their power, waking up to their truest self, and/or who are intentionally finding new awareness about their right to take up space in this world. I enjoy being in partnership with women as they discover their authentic self and learn how to establish and maintain new boundaries. I’m interested in helping women discover their potential, explore their deepest desires, engage in radical healing, and build their real-life “best lives”.

Working with any and all female-identifying humans (including people for whom gender is a limitation or a burden) I hold intentional space for you to be your truest self and to practice vulnerability. You can bring whatever version you’re working with today, and always expect to feel safe and seen. I want to help you grow into your happiest, healthiest you.


  • Who you are and how that stacks up with who you want to be (if you’re asking yourself: “Am I in alignment?”)
  • Which habits are serving you and which are sabotaging you, and how to shift
  • Identifying the negative messaging you’ve received, and replacing it with new messages
  • What patterns you tend to repeat, and how to interrupt the ones that sabotage you
  • The imposter syndrome that gets in your head and dulls your shine
  • Why you’re still in the relationship you’re in even if/though it’s not satisfying you
  • Deciding whether you want to be a parent, any ambivalence you’re experiencing about having children, what your fears and hopes are around having children
  • Whether you’re the parent you thought/hoped you would be, and what gets in your way if you’re not
  • The fear of aging and dying
  • Naming the fears around children leaving the nest, loss of role, e.g., “What do I do now that I’m not a mom every day?”
  • How to ask for what you need and hold yourself and others accountable for meeting those stated needs (i.e., boundaries)
  • What communication habits you’re in that make it difficult for you to achieve the vulnerability and intimacy you desire
  • How to stop communicating in a habitual passive-aggressive way and instead embrace the discomfort of vulnerability

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.”

-Michelle Obama